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In 1989 a group of exhibitors and breeders decided to found the “International Club for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel e. V.” (ICC). At this time the club had 16 members.

In September 1990 the ICC was a temporary member of the VDH (German Association for Dogs), and was registered for full membership in VDH and FCI in September 1995.

Although as being the youngest Cavalier Club in Germany, the ICC has grown to be one of the strongest in size. The ICC has a current membership of 700 (August 2006) in Germany and in 12 other countries.

On this site you will find all the information that you require about the society, its management, cavalier-rescue and events.

With sharing this information we try to embank uncontrolled breeding as well as commercial trading with our breed. Increasing membership is the proof that we are going into the right direction.

Within the ICC more than 70 responsible breeders pursue their hobby with love and care. Most of the kennels are small, with only a few animals which are part of the family. With regard to breeding permissions the ICC applies a high standard which is layed down in the breeding rules. The realization is controlled by the breeding management; this management also helps breeders in case of any questions.

The ICC periodically arranges Special Shows all over Germany, where breeders and cavalier owners show their cavaliers. So we get impulses concerning the development of the breed. We are actively engaged in animal protection.
For all members and those of you interested a quarterly Club Magazine «ICC-Intern» is published by the Club.

The Cavalier King Charles

An extraordinary and charming breed with tradition and future…

…with numberless fans in the whole world, that also took by storm the hearts of lots of people because of it’s charming character.

Because of his size and adaptability the cavalier is an ideal dog for the whole family, with a well balanced, cheerful and playful character. He loves to be near his family.

He will be comfortable in an apartment when he has enough walks outside; but much better is a house with garden, though in such a case extended walks should be made as well.

But don’t let yourself be deceived by his ‘soulful’ eyes and his charming appearance: A cavalier is not a lap dog – neither a young nor an old one: He loves long walks, he is vivacious and always in a good mood.

Cavaliers and children generally form a good couple. Nevertheless: A dog isn't a toy, but you can play together with him.
It is important that children learn to respect the dog from the beginning, as well his sleeping place and his bowl.
The cavalier will make friends with any other animal in your family, dog, cat, guinea pig, goat… even bird.

Usually it is easy to train a cavalier, he loves pleasing his people. Nevertheless he needs a clear line and consequence at the education; love, patience and a couple of goodies will help enormously.

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